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Are you in search of eco-friendly toys that aren't harmful to the environment? Mio Reggio is a line of unique, natural cork blocks that promote a connection to nature all the while promoting holistic learning. 



Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time.  According to a 2014  UN report, the toy industry uses plastic "most intensely".  Plastic toys are cheaply made and end up in the landfill and our oceans where they break down into microplastics.  Microplastics end up in fish, our drinking water, and our air.  Is this what we want to leave behind for our children?  We need to start promoting sustainable play to ensure a sustainable future for the next generation. 

100% Sustainable

Cork is a natural raw material that is 100% biodegradable,
recyclable, and renewable. No trees are cut down in the process of extracting cork.  Cork is obtained from the outer layer of the cork oak. A cork oak, whose bark is regularly harvested (every 9 years, a lifetime of the oak tree is 200-300 years) binds more than three times as much oxygen as an unused cork oak.

Piles of natural cork barks close up - planks of the cork tree for your textured backgroun
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