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Top 30 Women Leaders To Look Out For In 2024, The NYC Journal

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Manufacturer of the Month, Creative Play Magazine

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Washington Parent


Good Houskeeping Magazine

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Mio Reggio partners with National Day Calendar to create a new holiday. 










June 2022

National Green City Day has been approved by National Day Calendar! They approve only 30 holidays a year out of 25,000 submissions so Mio Reggio is honored to partner with them.  This holiday promotes the progress cities are making to become more sustainable and eco-friendly.


There are so many exciting innovations that cities across the country are implementing to become eco-friendly. This National Day gives everyone the chance to highlight milestones addressing the issue of climate change. The day also encourages people to share various eco-friendly ideas and solutions to meet the need of sustainable urban planning.

What is a green city? Also known as a sustainable city, a green city is a city that is addressing social, environmental, and economic impacts through building eco-friendly alternatives by removing harmful chemicals and waste from communities. While ways to help the planet is essential to sustainability, reducing costs and creating a vibrant culture for citizens are equally important. Through planned infrastructure, green cities can leave behind a net zero footprint for a more sustainable world and create vibrant, healthier spaces for everyone.

Why are green cities important? According to a recent UN report, around 2.5 billion more people will be living in cities by 2050, highlighting the need for sustainable urban planning and public services.

Mio Reggio believes in children’s role as global citizens and their ability to give shape to the green city movement. We are all citizens of a city.


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We're hiring!

Marketing/Digital Media Assistant
• Manage social media accounts, creating and posting content
• Help create a plan for social media strategies
• Manage all social media growth initiatives
• Provide suggestions for improving audience experience on platforms
• Design promotional materials and assist with writing e-newsletters
• Create content (photo and video content) as dictated by the monthly editorial calendar to promote sales, blogs, and products
• Social media optimization

• Ability to work at least 10-15 hours per week remotely
• Strong desire and motivation to work and learn independently on assigned tasks
• Education or background in communications, marketing, or social media engagement

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