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With our new cork collection

Offering play materials to children that are soft, soothing and sustainable 


Natural Cork Block Set

Natural Cork Block Set

Cork Robot Loose Parts Kit

Cork Robot Loose Parts Kit

"Il Sole" Blocks

"Il Sole" Blocks



The cork blocks are the perfect weight for building structures.  Besides being safe, quiet, and lightweight the natural material lends itself to open-ended play. Your blocks became whatever the boys imagined them to be in the moment.  - Meredith S. 

My daughter really liked how the blocks were so lightweight that she could carry them around. She also really wanted to make the blocks beautiful so I appreciate that they are blank canvases for a creative outlet.  - Megan C.

My grandson really loved the whiteboard blocks; he kept coming back to them, scribbling and erasing.  It was nice to see him interact repeatedly with the blocks.  He also liked the different shapes and sizes of the natural cork set.  They allowed him to build diverse structures.

- Genevive M. 

"The most important asset you have for negotiating this rapidly changing world is your creative brain"
 Shelley Carson

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