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Children Can Cultivate Creativity with Mio Reggio Cork Toys

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

The wonder and magic of childhood playtime is such a special thing. Children love to play with something as simple as a cardboard box because it is a blank slate that they can turn into anything! The box from your new fridge easily turns into a rocket ship, a veterinarian's office or a castle (or maybe all three!) A set of pillows and blankets quickly becomes a mountain fortress or an arctic research station. A jump rope can be a tool for jumping but can also turn into a garden snake with a snap of imagination.

Children's’ amazing creativity was one of the things we kept in mind when developing our line of cork toys. With a whiteboard on one side, our whiteboard block set is just the perfect thing for this idea. Children can create their own puzzles, design their dream house, or conjure up any magical idea they may have and put it together with building playtime. As it is a whiteboard, they can then erase it and do it again during the next playtime session. It’s a fun way to combine art with building and encourages children to think out of the box. You may be amazed at the things children will come up with when they are stimulated to create anything they can think of. Don’t be surprised when colorful creatures, buildings, and other ideas fill your home or school play space as they unleash their creativity. It allows them to turn their drawings into three dimensional ideas with fewer limits than just crayons or markers and paper.

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