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The Plastic Problem

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Did you know that July is Plastic Free month?

90 percent of all toys on the market are made of plastic, and the toy industry in the United States only seems to be growing. Recycling plastic toys is difficult since plastic never decomposes.

Children are the most affected by our environmental choices. The world they inherit is currently being shaped by our choices and behaviors. When we talk about sustainability and thinking about the consequences of our actions against our planet, we’re quite literally talking about the well-being of our children and children’s children. They are the ones who will have to clean up our messes.

Now is the time to stop using plastic and finding more sustainable alternatives. Teaching our children the importance of eliminating plastic and being a great example from the very beginning is the best thing we can do for our future. Get your children involved and help them adopt new, more eco-friendly habits that they can carry very well into adulthood.

Ways to promote more natural play in your home:

· Use natural containers such as baskets, wooden, ceramic, or wicker bowls to store toys and art supplies.

· Replace plastic manipulatives with natural loose parts such as rocks, pinecones, acorns, and sticks which are great additions to block play. The more time children spend with natural items, the more they prefer them over plastic objects.

· Incorporate tree stumps and logs in your outdoor play environment.

· Donate used toys to your local thrift shop.

· Find unique uses for plastic bottles, teaching children the value of reusing.

Additional Resources for Plastic Free Month:

· How Many Plastic Bottles Do We Produce? - Humanity's Impact video

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